Many service users progress on to group work within the project. We run a Women’s Self Esteem Group and a Men’s Health Group which take place one afternoon a week. One of the biggest issues for those who struggle with addiction is a lack of self esteem. These groups provide the opportunity for service users to upskill in such tasks as personal care, money management, anger management, assertiveness and communication skills. These groups also bring the service users on social outings such as to the theatre, a restaurant or hill walking; activities they may never have experienced.
Psycho-educational Group Work

Group work is acknowledged as an effective evidenced based model that imparts knowledge; skills and empowerment to participants to effect change in their lives; family and community.

Psycho-education group work programmes are an integral part of the Inchicore Bluebell Community Addiction Team service provision. Psycho-education programmes are primarily Cognitive Behavioural based, they provide clear aims; objectives and learning strategies that specifically target the needs and development of the participant group.

The old analogy “knowledge is power” couldn’t be more appropriate as the group and individual learning develops through the implementation of theory to practice over the cycle of the group.

Psycho-educational groups support participants to develop Understanding (helping participants in their understanding of the subject(s); Critical Thinking (developing a capacity for critical and analytical thinking); Personal Growth (developing and maturing as individuals); Communication (effectively communicate with others); Group and Teamwork Skills (learn to effectively work together as a group/team); Self Direction in Learning (taking greater responsibility for their own learning and actions); Supportive (peer); Personal Development (developing listening; questioning and decision making skills). Every individual is different, they ultimately decide on their own course of action, through psycho-educational learning individuals are better placed to make more informed choices. Psycho-educational groups have proved that educational learning impacts positively on decision making; planning; action; maintaining change and goal achieving successfully.

Evidence based models also used in psycho-education groups by IBCAT are harm reduction; person centred; rational emotive behavioural; motivational interviewing and choice theory approaches.