Our Services

Our project is an addiction service. Those who come to us for help are struggling in their lives with a negative addiction. This can affect their quality of life, ability to interact with others, to work and have a meaningful place in society. Often there are many ancilliary problems which are preventing a person in dealing with their addiction. They can often have housing and legal issues, physical and mental health problems and relationship issues.

At our service we aim to work with the client in all areas of their life.  Our keyworking can help clients with practical difficulties they are encountering and this in turn can often give them the space to face their addictions through counselling or group work.  Progression of our clients is carefully monitored by their assigned keyworker with a careplan the core of their programme.

If you would like help with an addiction problem you have you can access our service by contacting us directly and we will arrange an appointment for you.  You can also ask your GP to refer you or any agency that you may be linked in with.  Our Addiction Co-ordinator is Greg Christodoulu and you can contact him on 01 4736502 or greg@frontlinefc.com