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Frontline provides an holistic service for someone who is struggling with addiction. When they access the service they meet with a member of staff who will carry out an initial assessment with the client. After this the client will be assigned a keyworker, a more comprehensive assessment will take place and a care plan put in place.

Some clients are only ready to access the drop in and enjoy that space where they are safe, comfortable and not judged. Others are ready to begin work on their addiction with our counsellors. All the while they are supported by their keyworker around the many issues that can come with addiction, mental and physical health, housing, legal issues, family relationships etc.

Family members and children are also supported in Frontline. This can help the person with addiction as it gives the family and the Service User an understanding of what each other is going through. Addiction can be devastating within a family. We offer help, support and advice to parents, grandparents, siblings and children.

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