For clients are ready to take some responsibility and control of their drug use.

Clients are referred into this programme both internally and externally. They may be ready to stabilise their drug use, engage in a community detox or be working towards going into treatment. 

We work with the clients around their goals. They keep a drug diary during this time which tracks their triggers, thoughts, feelings, what they spend on drugs, their behaviours and the good and bad consequences that come from these.

What is Progression

Clients set goals/plans for themselves each week and attend the weekly meetings with their keyworker. Working with their keyworker clients can also access counselling, alternative therapies and any other services identified within their care plan.

A progression client also has access to the Progression Group. This group meets weekly for 12 weeks. It is an educational group where participants sup-port and challenge one another around their drug use and behaviours.

We encourage clients to access outside services in the evening times such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous to support the work we do with them.

Inchicore & Bluebell

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