Children’s Project

The Children’s Project provides a high quality developmental service to children whose parents / family members live with the impact of drug or alcohol misuse.

21 children attend our Morning and Afternoon group on a daily basis with the addition of a drop-in service for emergencies.  The project facilitates parents to attend the services of the addiction team.

What is the Children’s Project?

The daily programme and environment in The Children’s Project is child-centred and encourages children to grow and develop in a safe and caring environment. Staff are mindful of each child’s background and are always respectful of the child and their family. Each child’s social, emotional, educational and physical development is encouraged and supported at Frontline. Some children and parents are offered individual therapeutic support if required for specific needs. Parents are supported with childcare concerns or any issues that hinder their ability to meet the needs of their children. Childcare key-workers are available to attend meetings with parents and make referrals with parents on behalf of the child. We also engage in Inter-agency work with other childcare services in order to achieve holistic and effective responses for vulnerable children whose parents struggle with addiction.


Intergenerational Learning

The children’s project as part of our strategic plan has started an intergenerational learning programme with the children’s project and elderly people from a  local nursing home. The children visit the nursing home weekly to participate in planned activities. This active learning experience  between the children and elderly residences allow both groups to build friendships, learn from one another and have fun.

Intergenerational learning has many benefits for the children, elderly people and their community which include; Improved health and well-being; Reduced isolation; Increased self-worth, confidence & feeling valued; Learning and sharing new skills; Build social capital and community cohesion; Promote Active & Heathy Living; Enhancing civic participation and active citizenship

Morning & Afternoon Groups

Our morning group cares for children between the ages of 1 – 6 years. We work from the High Scope Preschool Curriculum which puts emphasis on children’s autonomy, independence and active learning. This model supports children in becoming more confident and in meeting their development milestones. The children who attend the morning group receive nutritious breakfast and dinner each day. 

Our Afternoon Group caters for primary school aged children. This group provides school collections and daily nutritious meals. The children are supported with homework and enjoy engaging in art, games, projects etc. The afternoon group encourages children to express themselves in a safe space. There is an importance put on working in partnership with parents and with other childcare agencies to support the needs of the children who attend this group.


High Scope Preschool Curriculum

The High Scope Preschool Curriculum is grounded in many years of research and has active learning at its core. High Scope encourages the development of important life skills such as problem-solving, social and emotional skills and self-confidence for the children in our service. The High Scope Curriculum follows a consistent daily routine which allows children to explore and learn in a safe and comfortable environment. The consistency of the routine is especially beneficial to the children who attend our service. The staff and children work together everyday to plan games, crafts and experiences with the goal of making our service a happy, exciting place to grow and learn. 



9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

If you would like more information on the Children’s Project in Frontline please contact our Childcare Manager on 01 4736502 or


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